Tea is a healthy drink

Tea is one of the most consumed drinks around the world, forming a fundamental part of cultures like the East or the English, but thanks to its many benefits on our health every day more people have made drinking tea a fundamental habit in their daily routine.

The best selection of herbs

This product is the result of the most rigorous selection of natural medicinal herbs that are grown in the different regions of Ecuador.

We comply with the Quality Standards

We have several quality standards such as:
ISO 22.000 - 2004

About Us

Our Company

PUSUQUI GRANDE Y ANEXOS C.A. - Hacienda Pusuqui Grande
Autopista Manuel Córdova Galarza Km. 6 1/2
Quito - Ecuador

Our Mission

To be the pioneers in the industry to use the latest technology available to process teas and herbs with the highest quality standards whiel developing great relationships with our providers, who as small producers have a constant and permanent income, contributing with the growth of the Ecuadorian economy.

Our Vision

To be the leaders in the Ecuadorian teas and herbs industry while expanding to other agricultural and industrial products and services to satisfy our customer's needs.

Our Products

Striving to produce an excellent product, has achieved many international quality certifications including ISO 22.000-2005, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP and we are registered at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our factory is located in Quito Ecuador and has two brands, HORNIMANS and PUSUQUI.

All out products have about 1.5 grams per tea bag. Each production unit has 25 tea bags with over wrapper packed in boxes of 60 and 100 units, according to our customer's requirements.

Contact Information

Contact us for more information, or leave us a message on the following contact form with your doubts or suggestions.

PUSUQUI GRANDE Y ANEXOS C.A. - Hacienda Pusuqui Grande
Quito - Ecuador

  • Address: Autopista Manuel Córdova Galarza Km. 6 1/2
  • Phones: 593 2 2350407 / 593 2 2350748
  • Fax: 593 2 2351436
  • Email: pusuqui@pi.pro.ec